About us

Black Sea Food


Fish from Turkiye, Fish to Turkiye


Our mission at Black Sea Food is to guarantee a continuous supply of the highest quality products which focuses on the well being of consumers and the environment.


We are an independent seafood company with our core focus on turbot, live lobster, shrimp, tuna fish, sea bream and hake. We export fish from Turkiye and import fish to Turkiye.


Our company structure consists of import and export operations. Our fish farming partners operations and our fish processing partners companies are located in different parts of Turkiye. We currently have associations with farming facilities and processing plants in Norway, Egypt, Croatia, Canada, USA, Argentina, Brazil , Chile and Ecuador. Black Sea Food continues to strive towards finding new locations with ideal ecological conditions in order to increase our production and provide our customers with a wide selection of seafood species. Moroever, our seafood must be derived from facilities that concentrate on generating top quality products through environmentally responsible processes.


Black Sea Food Company´s business model is based on five core values – Quality, Corporate responsibility, Relations, Sustainability & Ability


Quality: High quality is the key factor in making sure our customers receive product satisfaction.  Black Sea Food Company will work continuously with its suppliers and partners to make sure you receive the highest quality and also to enhance the reputation Turkish Seafood brand worldwide. 


Corporate Responsibility: We take our responsibility for our employees and our customers seriously. We also take social responsibility with donations good causes and to various charitable organisations.


Relations: Our customers, suppliers & partners are of the utmost importance. Building strong business relationships with our clients is something Black Sea Food Company prides its self on. Our emphasis is on long term development tothe benefit of customers and suppliers alike.


Sustainability: In order to achieve long-term business we need to make sure that the products we have are from sustainable stocks.


Ability: Black Sea Food Company prides itself in its ability to think fast and predict the ever changing nature of the seafood industry. Through our worldwide partnerships, built over 20 years experience, we can identify the changes in global market conditions and react faster than any of our competitors.