Black Sea Food has provided a range of consulting services to fishers, farmers, feed manufacturers, marketers, buyers, governments and non-government organizations.


The exact titles are clients are confidential but below are just some of the projects conduted by Black Sea Food:


-      Assessments of the Aquaculture Markets of Japan, Korea & China, Europe and Africa.

-      Marketability of Farmed Turbot from France, Spain.

-      Review of the Bluefin Tuna Farming Industry

-      Investment Potential into South Australia Aquaculture Industry

-      Review for the Fair Trade Agreement betwen Japan & Australia – Seafood

-      Assessment of Farmed Salmon Quality

-      Translation (Turkish to English) of Seafood Economics PhD

-      Assessment of Rapid Quality Assessment Technologies

-      DNA Traceability of Turbot

-      Marketing materials - brochure, pamphlet, poster generation

-      Internet website set up in Japan

-      Reviews of legal documents and disupte resolution


If you have any interest in using the consulting services of Black Seafood, please go to the contacts page and send your inquiry.