Black Sea Food is the sales company responsible for marketing and distributing Turkish fish and seafood to the global markets. Black Sea Food is able to supply almost any kind of fish and seafood for demanding worldwide market and its customer-base is vast.


The Turkish sales team is located at the heart of commerce in Turkiye – Istanbul. Our team was established in 2007 and has extensive experience in trading and marketing, providing high-quality, responsibly-sourced Blacksea and Mediterranean sea fish from Turkish sea.


Black Sea Food also continues its activities and organizations to reach new markets.

With an annual export capacity of 50,000 tons, the Corporation exports to more than 50 countries. Countries that we export to, include; USA, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Russia, UAE, Morocco, France, Holland, UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Egypt, Poland, Syria, Equatorial Guniea, Jordan, Iraq and Ukraine.


Over the years, the people of Black Sea Food have established long-standing customer relationships worldwide. Black Sea Food believes in building strong, long term partnerships with its customers for mutual benefit, and it is proud of its fishing heritage and trading expertise.


Black Sea Food has introduced Turkish fish to the Worldwide markets and due to its quality-oriented approach, become one of the irreplaceable elements of the World’s cuisine. With its dedication to customer satisfaction and perfectionism, its sales team works to provide the best service 7/24 bases.

Our markets are largely importers and producers worldwide and the main focus is on frozen-at-sea fish products.


Managing the entire process from hatcheries to feed and box factories and logistics at its partner’s facilities, Black Sea Food makes a difference as the only fully integrated corporation in the seafood sector. All of the facilities of Black Sea Food carry out their operations in compliance with the European and international standards.


Sea bream, sea bass and trout fish are more prominent among the types exported by Black Sea Food. In addition to these, as alternative types, red sea bream, porgy, corb and turbot are also produced. In line with the demand, these fish are launched to market as fresh-chilled or frozen, in whole, as gutted and filleted. 

Central packaging facilities established in Turkiye, mainly focuses on sea bream and sea bass breeding. In trout sector, being one of the largest processing and packaging facilities of Europe.